AEG – Olympia – Optima: Büromaschinen aus Erfurt 1924-2004

Eberhard Lippmann (Author)

The VEB Optima Büromaschinenwerk Erfurt was not only one of the biggest producers of writing and office machines in the GDR but also one of the most important employers in Erfurt. 200 photographs reveal the versatile history of AEG, Olympia and Optima from 1924 to 2004. The focus is on the employees, their jobs and their leisure, as well as the development of the plant as well as the products.
Eberhard Lippmann, born in 1943, is an expert in the company's history. He joined Optima in 1960 as a trainee and spent his entire professional life until the end of 2004 in the company. The engineer for fine mechanics in retirement is engaged in the association for the history and antiquarian art of Erfurt and as ground conservationist.

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