The Typewriter Manifesto

“We assert our right to resist the Paradigm, to rebel against the Information Regime, to escape the Data Stream. We strike a blow for self-reliance, privacy, and coherence against dependency, surveillance, and disintegration. We affirm the written word and written thought against multimedia, multitasking, and the meme. We choose the real over representation, the physical over the digital, the durable over the unsustainable, the self-sufficient over the efficient. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TYPEWRITTEN.”

The Slow Communication Manifesto

– Because communication technology continue to supply more ways to rapidly connect people,

– Because the complexity, speed, and ubiquity of these tools are ever increasing,

– Because there exists in the culture a growing expectation for immediate responsiveness and always-connectedness,

– Because more and more of our memories and consciousness are becoming located outside our organic minds,

– Because expression and communication are becoming evermore predetermined by database fields, templates and standards,

– And because the defining lines between media receiver and producer are falling away…

We offer this manifesto for slow communication. This document is intended to serve as a guide for anyone who seeks insight and balance in their communication habits. With this manifesto we intend to:

+ Continually strive to improve our communication skill

+ Take pause and breath before responding to synchronous messages

+ Allow our selves the freedom to respond to asynchronous messages in our own preferred time frame

+ Allow ourselves time to draft, re-draft, think and re-thing any communication before sending

+ Make efforts to understand inherent and apparent bias or judgment embedded in any message we send or receive

+ Continually observe our posture, expression, muscle tension, and breath while communication is taking place

+ Meet in person when possible and make eye contact during verbal communication

+ Engage in non database or template driven creative activity

+Take short or long term breaks from any or all rapid communication